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March 10th-2022 Thursday

Mayor Willie Brown spoke 
at my HS Graduation in 1998.
I been gone from SF to persue 
the Hollywood Dream 2009-2019.
I've been back in SF for 
almost 2 years now.

My name is Hung Van Lam aka 
I'm on Netflix "100 Humans" as 
Secret Dancer F(Episode 1) and 
Human #54 in all 8 episodes.

I grew up in SF since 1982.
I'm a refugee from Vietnam.
My huble beginnings was living 
in the apartment on Leavenworth 
Street in the TL.
There was a bus that took us to 
Treasure Island every morning 
to go to Treasure Island 
Elementary school.

Eventually, I moved out to the 
sunset and attended Francis 
Scott Key, A.P. Gianni Middle 
school. I was a shy Award Asian 
kid. Turn between a Traditional 
Chinese Vietnamese Upbringing, 
yet growing up as a free 
spirited, wild and rebellious 
American Teen.

I felt with bullying as a child 
because i was the shortest kid. 
Fighting back Was my only well 
known option.

In middle school, I got into a 
fight because someone was 
bullying my bestie. Long story 
short, my favorite counselor, 
Miss Mcduffy was in tears over 
what I had done to the kid. 
This is the first Time I 
realized violence can hurt not 
just you but people you love 
and care about indirectly. 
This was the spark that started 
me on a non-violent peace quest.

I went to Lincoln High school 
on Travel. It was there I met 
my Real 1'st Mentor. 
Mr. David Van Winkle ran the 
Peer Resources program. He 
saw something in me and brought 
the artist out of me. He was 
the first adult to really to not 
only listen and take me seriously. 
But he Truely believed in me 
unconditionally and was the first 
to appoint me as the leader and 
really show me self empowerment. 
I was on Bill Clinton's 1 America. 
I was one of the 3 H.S. kids that 
spoke on TV.

It was the late 90s during the 
underground Rave movements, 
where my clubbing life began. 
Every club I went to, I got 
initiated into ViP status 
from the Bar Tenders.I still 
am till this day a drug and 
alcohol free sober raver.

I continued these non profit 
community empowering program 
Peer Advocate Path. I worked 
at SNBC as a change maker, &
Dancer with Loco Block.

I attended CCSF for a decade. 
I became the Van Wilder of the 
campus. I started off as just 
taking some computer classes, 
eventually a Multimedia program 
and department was built 
3 years later.

It was very exciting living in 
the age of early internet. 
Yahoo chat in 1999 was the 
Ultimate Utopia.

I was young, ambitious, and 
had tons of visions.I am also 
a cartoonist, I can draw 
anything. I started off as a 
cartoonist, then took up 
pagination class to become the  
comics page editor. Eventually, 
I did political cartoons, 
wrote stories, competed at 
JACC. Won awards and next thing 
I knew I had become a journalist.

I noticed a lack of school pride. 
Being loaded with school spirit 
being on the HS Football, track 
and wrestling team. I wanted to 
create a safe havean where people 
could gather and have fun. 
In Spring 2003 I founded the 
first ever official college 
recognized break dancing club 
called Freddy Hung B-Boy SESSIONS.

This club got so popular that 
international students from all 
over had heard and  flocked to 
CCSF to witness the magic and 
unity of this club. The club 
was renamed Breakin Fridays. 
Who knew that starting a break 
dancing club out of necessity 
for a positive recreational 
stress release fun positivity 
venue would change my life forever.

I was given the name "hELLA HUNG" 
from one of the OG Dance elders 
and community gate keepers.
From there some of the club 
members encouraged me to compete 
in. A break dancing 
tournaments/ JAMS. I was around 
23 and thought I was too late in 
the game. My formal training was 
in Hapkido Karate Club on Taravel 
in middle school and high school.
Guess this is another testament 
to your never too old to start 
something new.

Next thing you know, I got on 
America's Got TALENT. I was 
flown to LA. I always thought 
I'd be famous for my art drawings 
or Martial Arts and acting like 
Bruce LEE- My Idole.

Next thing you know, I'm Dancing 
for the 19890's Music Artist:
Shannon of "Let the Music Play"
After dancing for her over 3 times, 
I was her dancer scout. I got 
featured on "Last Comic Standing" 
off of an audition from 
SF Cobbs Comedy theatre through
A #Craigslist Add.

After Michael Jackson my other 
childhood hero passed away. I got 
on my bicycle at midnight with a 
backpack and decided to go on a 
spiritual journey to LA.

Its a long story like Pee Wees 
Big Adventure.
I made it to LA the next day 
and got featured on 
"So You Think You Can Dance" 
Season 7. 2010

My Hollywood story begins here.
Full story A Decade of LA in 
the making!!

CCSF Guardsman Article
Return of hELLA HUNG
Anyways you might be wondering why I told you all this. Well, I'm the story of the ultimate underdog. I've been doing Security for over 5 years now. With 10 years of being in Hollywood. I'm also an avid bicyclist and love how there are visible bike lanes. With more safety. Some of the roads still are sketchy. I believe that if we had a hearty penalty for drivers that hit bicyclist, then they wouldn't be so loud, rude or dare to think or clip bicylist. It's not easy peddling up a giant SF heal. They need to go to the left lane and drive around us. Well I had dreams of opening up a rehabilitation community center. My brother became a Skitzo after doing hard drugs. He's mentally really unstable and can be borderline violent and dangerous. He's refusing to take meds. So I was delighted to hear that the new Mayor London N. Breed is are working on improving mental care and opening up a sobering up center. I've always been an advocate and peer support community guardian. People come to me all the time for resources. As security, I'm everywhere. At 42 and spending most of Life in SF. I take pride in my city and now I have 10 years in LA too. I'm producing a giant first ever Big Hollywood Scale movie where Break Dancing and Martial Arts colide. It's my story since I am a Instructor of both Dance and Martial Arts. I became the bridge in the dance community of SF And LA. Lonnie Green aka PopTart is one of my stars respresentimg Fillmore's pride of Boogaloo Robot and Strutting.

This will be a epic History in the making because I'm combining both cities, and it's the epic return of the 1984 star of Breakin "Boogaloo SHRiMP" Michael Chambers aka "TURBO" along with the Queen of Martial Arts Lady Dragon "Cynthia Rothrock". I co wrote the script. This is the first movie, written, staring, directed, and produced by B-Boys through the 1st ever sale of Boogaloo SHRiMP NFT. I also just launched this official Website.

Which is my MegaUltraVERSE Where people can endulge in my interactive realms, lifestyle, connections and resources. I'm an agent if change, resource, empowerment, and much much more. I am an ally to the city. People say what happened if you persued your dreams? We'll I did, and now I'm back in a while new epic empowering way. Thank You for your time Sincerly-: Hung

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"100 HUMANS"
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