SECURiTY Experience!

Hung Van Lam
(415) 425-2984
Security GC#: 1886102
[email protected]


*(AUS) Allied Universal SECURITY
Pinterest Flex Officer
Allied Universal - San Francisco, CA
December 2023  -CURRENT
400 Montgomery Street, San Francisco, 
Ca 94104

Flex Guard for Pinterest. Performing 
several different detection tours. 
Train others.

SF Education FUND - San Francisco, CA
October 2023  -CURRENT
Officially Cleared Start Date:
Oct-26th-2023 WEDS

2730 Bryant Street
SF CA 941110
2nd floor
25th St and Bryant St. Mission
(415) 695-5400 x3024

On Social Media: SFedfund
Thomas Laursen
[email protected]
[email protected]

Volunteer School Sites:
John Muir  Oct 2023-Nov23rd2023 Thursday
PreK Class -Miss Elizabeth       
Hip Hop Dance / Karate MASTER Instructor
Hokali Inc - San Francisco Bay Area, CA
September 2023  -CURRENT
Martial Arts Karate MASTER Instructor
October 6th 2023 - Oct 27th 2023 Contract
Program : Our  Kids First
Teaching K-5th GRADERS
5845 Mission St. San Francisco, CA. 94112

Nine kids. Showing proper techniques and 
skills for offense and defensive moves. 
Instilling confidence in  Self-Defence 
ability through practical application.
Teaching stretches, warm up, stanima 
conditioning, speed, accuracy, power 
while engraving programed protective 
Having fun and being concentrated. The 
answer to anti bullying is self respect 
and sheer confidence to be able to 
protect onself.

Hip Hop DANCE  Instructor:
Sep 24th 2023 - Oct 31st 2023 
Country Lane Moreland School
5140 Country Ln, San Jose, CA 95129

11 kids. Teaching kids ages 6-8
Teaching them audition ready skills, 
choreography, dance moves, judging 
scale, team building and crew values. 
Teaching them Cypher Edicits. 
Funk Dance Styles: Poping, 
Locking, Wave, and Breakin.

Ramiro De Jesus (Manager)
(415) 853-4351

Ramiro Cortavarria (Operations)
(415) 938-8226
Development Representative
SF Office:
1986 47th Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94116
*(GTS) Global Threat Security
Event Security Officer
(GTS) Global Threat Security 
- San Francisco, CA
September 2023  -CURRENT
Sep27th2023 WEDS
1s'st event post (Fort MASON)
Access Control. Front gates, screening guest, 
and directing traffic.

Mike (Boss)
( 760) 470-8860
*(UPC) United Peace Collabrative 
      Volunteer Patrol Ambassador
UPC (United Peace Collabrative) 
-San Francisco, CA
April 2023  -CURRENT
Perform a patrol route through 
the streets of SF Chinatown. 
Check in with local shop owners. 
Looking for new graffiti,  
property damage and defacing 
along with maintaining 
public safety.
Meal provided.  
KidzToPros - Oakland, CA
January 2023 -CURRENT
520 3rd St, Oakland, CA 94607
Instructing K-6th GRADE at 
school sites

Art Skills Instructor -Aug25th2023
San Francisco Community School
125 Excelsior Ave, San Francisco, 
CA 94112
Holly Ramsdem
(SF Site Supervisor)

Summer Camp June-July28th 2023
Sports COACH
Good Shepard Elementary / All Sports :
Teaching: Basketball, Soccer, Tennis, 
Hockey, DodgeBall.
Games: Octopus, Who's the leader, 
Red light, Green light, Statue.
Laura Tang (Camp Director)

Employee of the Month: May 2023
May8th 2023
SF Public Elementary School:
Jean Parker
Teaching Martial Arts, Dance, and 
Supervising Recess.

Employee of the Month: April 2023
March20th 2023- Nov 2023
SF Public Elementary School:
John Muir
Volunteer for PreK
(Head Instructor)

March20th 2023- June 2023
SF Public Elementary School:
John Muir
Coaching and Pioneering 
"Structured RECESS" for: 
Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, 
Baseball, Tetherball, Martial 
Arts, HipHop Dance, and 
Jungle Gym.
Developing their team working 
experience and knowledge of 
sports, and GYM workouts.
Jerry Laurena
(SF Site Supervisor)
(415) 609-7529

Jan24th 2023 "HipHop Instructor"
Stratford School -San Bruno, CA
Teaching "Hip Hop" & "Funk Styles" 
moves and culture along with music
to Kids in a fun and entertaining way.
Providing tools for self-mastery, 
awareness, discipline, and developing 
Motor Skills.
Michael Dungaree "Mo"
(Logistics - Program Creator)
(661) 344-2403
Jan 23rd-2023 Hired.

Flex  SF        Oct 2019- CURRENT
2151 Salvio St #260, Concord, 
CA 94520
Jeremy Drouin (Events Operations)
 (415) 854-7673
Post: I am Crowd control, ID and Bag 
checks, & covered different post. 
Currently I do outdoors and indoors 
events as well as concert venues under
DreamForce Division (EVENT GUARD)
Outdoor Park Concerts, equipment watch
and events.

FLEX OFFICER     Dec-30-2023  -CURRENT   
Opera Plaza Officer Oct-17-2019 Dec-25-2023
300 Montgomery St #813,
San Francisco, CA 94104.  
ElĂ­seo Carreto (415) 676-0784
(Account MANAGER)
Oscar (Supervisor) (415)-543-6770 
Laramie Simpson  (415)304-3813
(Account  MANAGER)
Post: Event, FLEX, Front Desk, Rover, 
Lobby and Plaza Ambasador Officer, 

I was a Flex Officer. I covered different 
post. I ran and trained people at 
different sites. I became a permanent 
Lobby Ambassador for a year. 
Delivered a lot if customer service. 
Greeted people, check credentials, 
checked IDs and distributed keys and 
access cards. 

Flex Officer SF Sep 2022- Aug 2023
100 Pine St #1250, San Francisco, 
CA 94111
Leo Daley (Regional Manager)
(415) 797-7575
Post: Working at a retired living complex.
Monitor and greeting visitors and
guest while making sure they are
properly signed. Securing entrances. 
Conduct hourly safety internal 
and external patrols. Checking 
fire panel. 

Flex Guard SF Dec-1st2022- Jan12th2023
1111 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94607
Nayera Ibrahim (Hiring and Scheduling)
(949) 414-2040
Whole Foods SECURITY
Post: Observe and Report.
Securing entrances.
Conduct hourly safety internal
and external detex patrols.

On Call Flex Officer SF 
Dec-7th2022- Dec-27th2022 
5901 Christie Ave, Suite 503, 
Emeryville, CA 9460 
Claudia Williams (HR Coordinator)
(408) 420-2496
Post: Covering different SF Post.

Allied Universal Security (AUS)SF   
     SF June-27-2019 - Sep-11-2021
Teddy Wong Supervisor (415)205-2686
545 Sansome St #600, San Francisco, 
CA 94111.  
(415)308-5787 Jason Drake  
FLEX Officer, CBRE Officer 
$19.50hr- $21.50hr
Post:  High Rises, Access Control, 
Allied Universal Security (AUS) LA  
September-8th-2018 - May- 12-2019 - 
Prepared for move back to 
San Francisco
700 S Flower St #1550, Los Angeles, 
CA 90017  (213)-272-8097 Aktar  
FLEX Officer, Campus Security Guard 
Post: Sandwich Store Security, 
Graduate Law School, Campus Security 

CSC (Contemporary Security LA
  LA       April 1st- 2017- Sep 2020
2154 W 190th St. Torrance, CA. 90501.  
(800)754-5150  Phil Supervisor
Security Guard, Ambassador 
$11.00hr-13.60hr Current
Post: Event Security, USC Security, 
Coliseums, sports Areanas, 
Construction sites, 
Graduation Ceremonies, Concerts, 

Securitas Security Services USA    
            Aug 2016- July 2018
1055 Wilshire Blvd #1600, 
Los Angeles, CA 90017.  
(213) 637-5500 
Mike Hobbs Supervisor
Security Guard $10.50hr-12.50hr
Post: events, Convention Center, 
Booths, Hotels, Event Staff, 
Department Stores, Construction 
Sites, Apartments, Condos.

MPS (Motion Picture Security)  
            Aug 2016- May 2018
2331 S Hill St, Los Angeles, 
CA 90007. (213) 746-2177 
Joe Supervisor
Security Guard $10.50hr-12.50hr
Post: Filming Location & Parking 
Lot Security

GuardNow    Sep 2016 -May 2017
5155 W Rosecrans Ave, Hawthorne, 
CA 90250 (877)-482-7366 Brigette
Security Guard $10.50hr- 14hr
Post: Event Security, High rises, 
medical facilities.
Andrews International   
       Sep 9-2016 -December 2016
6333 West 3rd St. LA, CA 90036.  
(747) 229-5538 John Supervisor
Security Guard $10.50hr   
Post: Farmers Market  
6333 West 3rd St. LA, CA 90036.

A1 Private Protective 
Services Inc.   
    July-12-2015 - June- 30- 2016
Thomas Mellon Cir # 155, 
San Francisco, CA 94134 
(415) 671-1900 
Ramona Field Supervisor
Security Guard     
12.50ph.  14.50ph 
Moved LA
Site Experiences:
I've worked at Outdoor Events, 
UN Plaza, Appartments, SF 
Housing Authority Sites, 
Office Buildings, Piers, 
Shelters, Schools, Hotels, Armed 
Sites, Hospital, and Construction 
Sites.Patrol premises, customer 
service, hitting detex point with 
wand, dealing with difficult guest 
and residents, dealing with homeless, 
signing in and out workers and guest, 
man front desk, open close garages 
and gates, worked the booth, answer 
calls, write incident reports, 
receiving mail and packages, 
organizing deliveries, making calls, 
fill out daily activity reports and 
security logs,  working with cops 
and authorities. Moved to LA
GuardCard  (510) 836-6011 
Loss Prevention Group  
1814 Franklin St #618, 
Oakland, CA 94612

           Sep 2006-June2008  
50 Phelan Ave, S.F. CA. 94112  
(415) 759-2700  
Sep 1994- June 1998   
2162 24TH Ave, S.f. Ca. 94116
Additional Training/Skills: 
Martial Arts, Had Firearms 
Training, Handcuffs, Pepper 
Spray, Drivers Liscense, 
Forklift Driving,
-Goodfellows Shoeshine  
         July 2014- July 2016
SFO (San Francisco 
International Airport)   
(415) 902-3448 
David Blane Boss 
Shoeshiner, Customer Service, 
Opener & Closer 
$12.50hr- $14.50hr
Moved to LA

-Trader Joe's  LA  December  
3456 S Sepulveda Blvd, 
Los Angeles, CA 90034  
(310) 836-2458 
Captain Vic Montalvo
Checker, Night Crew 
$12.50hr- $13.50hr
Moving Back to SF

-Swissport Cargo Services SFO 
( Freight Forwarding Service)  
      April 2004-Febuary 2006
585 N McDonnell Rd S.F. CA.  
(650) 873-3215  Keoni Supervisor
Warehouse Agent $12.50hr- $13.50hr

+CCSF Breakin Fridays CLUB
Founder and President
FreddyHUNG B-Boy SESSiONS - 
San Francisco, CA
September 2003 to July 2009
I founded and ran the 
(Break Dancing Club) at City 
College of San Francisco.
I carried the linoleum, and 
delighted teams to 
alternate carrying it out and 
setting it up.
I also brought the music, 
speakers, taught and 
hosted the club to all students 
passing by.
I also organized events and 
competition with prize 
money, judges and DJs.
Filled out a ton of paperwork 
and Advocated for 
the Club to exist. Found the 
perfect Sponsor and 
faculty advisor: Fred Kling 
( CCSF Art Instructor).
+CCSF Guardsman and ETC. Magazine
Editor- Journalist
CCSF Guardsman and ETC. Magazine 
- San Francisco, CA
June 2001 to July 2009
Cartoonist, Paginator,
Cartoons Page Chief Editor,
Writer, Feature Writer, Columnist
Model, Competitor, Award Winning 
SF Chronicles- Best SF  
Editoral Cartoonist 
Contest Winner.
Peer Advocate - Volunteer
Non Profits - Change Makers - 
San Francisco, CA
January 1997 to September 2003
"Jumpstart" -Americorps" 
-Team Member2006
"(SNBC)Sunset Neighborhood 
Beacon Center) 
- Change Maker 1998-2000
"Peer Resources" - 
Youth Advocate 1997-1999

+Hapkido USA (Karate Club)
Martial Arts Assistant Instructor
Hapkido USA (Karate Club) 
- San Francisco, CA
February 1995 to July 1998
Taught students correct form.
Trained them to be agile.
Taught them self control and
focused power as well as 
monitoring progress.


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